Our Strength to maintain Quality

To maintain a quality of raw cotton bales our production units are take some needful steps as per below.

  1. Purchase of seed cotton by our own representative at various market yards in Gujarat State to ensure best quality production.
  2. Uploading of seed cotton on RCC platform and it a hug shade fully covered by roof.
  3. Our well trained and very intelligent seed cotton selectors checking and testing seed cotton parameters like (length, strength, grade, micronaire, moisture etc.)
  4. We take extra care to avoid contamination and fiber material by using pre & post cleaning machinery and maintain superior grade of cotton.
  5. We have well trained Fitters & Gin operators to maintain roller gin perfectly So, we get superior quality of cotton.
  6. To maintain quality and avoid contamination we pack cotton bales with high quality cotton cloth material.
Step to Reduce Trash Levels

We have undertaken various steps to reduce trash levels, at our production units as enumerated below.

  • Kapas (Seed Cotton) are kept on cemented platform under shed.
  • Minimum human handling is done while transferring kapas to the ginning machine.
  • We have engaged extra labors to remove contaminants from seed cotton.
  • Handle all material such as seed cotton, seed, and lint with proper care to avoid mixing.
  • Maintain proper setting of machine to avoid seed cut, fiber breakage.
  • The bolts, metal wires & other metal are removed by Metal detector. Stones and other substances ate removed by stone catcher.
  • The cotton bales are packed in cotton cloth material bag (No Plastic or jute material used).
  • Cotton cloths of BIS standard are use to covered fully pressed cotton bales to prevent against contamination.
  • Use of PET plastic straps for fastening cotton bales to prevent from metal rusting.
  • Adhesive label are used for labeling.
  • To store cotton bales in covered godawn to avoid their exposures to wind, rain, dust etc…
  • As a result of all this, we are capable to provide raw cotton with very less trash percentage.

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